Erotic Photobook - unique gift2й


13 Princesses … 13 Daughters of the Prince of Darkness …
Beautiful girls depicted on old frescoes
Princesses and their maids,
wise Priestesses, warlike Amazons, sexy Nymphs,
immortal Elves and even the inhabitants of the underworld of Hell …..
They all lived in ancient times,
 their civilization perished, but their Spirit is immortal …

The frescoes, which came alive, will reveal terrible secrets with the magic help…
Secrets of the past, present and future …
After all, our civilization is not the first and not the last on this planet …

Erotic Photobook - unique gift2й

But what will the new civilization be like?

What can the New Dark Ages bring?

New predators will come, Princesses of the Dark Matriarchy …

What will they bring to this world?

… and what tribute will they collect from you? …

… What price for a new life will pay those who will survive the Apocalypse? …

After all, remember the phrase: “And the living will envy the dead” …

… and their beauty will be compensation for those horrors which you have to go through …          

Erotic Photobook - unique gift



Erotic Photobook - unique gift - эротика

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fantasy erotic photos

The Stone slabs born in the flame of eternity came out of Hell ...
They were created by the great Mage - Alex Merthy from the ancient people of Urdu.
Prophecies about the terrible future of Mankind are stamped on the stone slabs. You will find out what horrors are await civilization at the end...of everything

Remember the full name of the Magician - Alex RoyCepesh Elf UrduBess Mertia. 

This is a very long name.
Because it contains all the reincarnations of this Human Demon ...

an Exclusive customized Erotic ``Frescoes`` handmade Photobook!

More than 100 pages – each one contains unique fantasy photopicture!

                              + 10.000 digital photos! (all models available)

                              + 1000 bonus photos!

                              + 50 backstage videos

Exclusive Photo Book will be created SPECIALLY FOR YOU by the Author – Alexandr Furdui.

Book will be contain personal THANK YOU on the cover.

YOUR NAME will be embossed on the cover of the book.
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Some of these photos will be in mysterious Fresco gallery from the cave of the ancient castle.

Old Witch will show these Frescoes to the main heroine of our Mystical Tale. Terrible Secrets are hidden in these Frescoes...

... Secrets of the past and future of Humanity ...

Erotic Photobook - unique gift222

Demonic Forces of Darkness with the Mysteries of ancient long-forgotten civilizations will break into this World ... who will stop them?

Alive Frescoes from the ancient castle will reveal all these secrets ...
... yeah, yeah - these Pictures will become Alive !

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To create this photos, which can be quite called photo pictures, Alexander used a unique, personally made the scenery, costumes and accessories.

For sure you agree with us - in these costumes our models looks incredibly beautiful !

Militancy and tender, erotic and at the same time inaccessible ...

Erotic Photobook - unique gift

Your support will help to continue creating such beautiful photos, and thousands of readers will be able to enjoy sexy Amazons girls photos!