Unique Promotion from Models

Dear Sponsors! Thank you for your help in creating the Unique Photo Book!
In gratitude for your support, Models have prepared special Prizes.

Erotic Rewards!
Unique Promotion from girls who posed for illustrations for the Adult Mystical Tale!

Our beautiful models decided to help the author of the book, Alexandr Furdui. Models raising funds to collect some money and be able to continue working on the next books in the trilogy.

So girls came up with special prizes – they will show you their erotic photos in lingerie and Nude photos in real life! From simple homemade natural photos without makeup to gorgeous studio photo shoots! And now you will have a unique opportunity to see how ordinary girls turn into beautiful Fantasy Divas!

This is the beginning of our Reality Show!


Press Button ``DONATE`` or go to page DONATE and follow simple steps.

Depending on the amount of your help, you can choose photos of any model:

erotic rewards n

10 $

100 photos 
Digital set (jpeg) 

One model
One photoshoot

20 $

200 photos 
Digital set (jpeg) 

Two models
Two photoshoots


erotic rewards n

erotic rewards n

30 $

350 photos 
Digital set (jpeg) 

Three models
Three photoshoots


50 $

600 photos 
Digital set (jpeg)
+ 50 bonus photos

+ 5 backstage videos

Five models


erotic rewards n

erotic rewards n

70 $

900 photos 
Digital set (jpeg) 

+ 100 bonus photos

+ 10 backstage videos

Seven models


100 $

1500 photos 
Digital set (jpeg) 

+ 100 bonus photos

+ 20 backstage videos

Ten models

erotic rewards n

erotic rewards n

150 $

2500 photos 
Digital set (jpeg) 

+ 200 bonus photos

+ 25 backstage videos

Twelve models


200 $

4000 photos 
Digital set (jpeg) 

+ 250 bonus photos

+ 30 backstage videos

Physical erotic rewards :

1 Poster


All models available


erotic rewards n

erotic rewards

250 $

5000 photos 
Digital set (jpeg) 

+ 300 bonus photos

+ 45 backstage videos

Physical erotic rewards :

2 Posters


All models available


300 $

7000 photos 
Digital set (jpeg) 

+ 500 bonus photos

+ 50 backstage videos

Physical erotic rewards :

3 Posters

1 Desc Calendar

1 photo (postcard – 10×15 cm) from our model with personal “Thank u!” and kiss on postcard, with signature of the Author!


All models available


erotic rewards


Special Prize from the Author - a limited edition of handmade Erotic Photobooks!
Only 50 copies of Art Book ``Frescoes`` !
The covers of each Art Book will be unique and inimitable !

$ 1000

an Exclusive customized Erotic ``Frescoes`` handmade Photobook!

More than 100 pages – each one contains unique fantasy photopicture!

                              + 10.000 digital photos! (all models available)

                              + 1000 bonus photos!

                              + 50 backstage videos

Exclusive Photo Book will be created SPECIALLY FOR YOU by the Author – Alexandr Furdui.

Book will be contain personal THANK YOU on the cover.

YOUR NAME will be embossed on the cover of the book.
If YOU WANT – We can create a special illustration in the BOOK with YOUR PHOTO and beautiful models  (Details will be discussed in personal messages).


erotic girls buy photo.jpg

What is a UNIQUE Erotic Photo Book?

We answer – The author of the book makes illustrations – photopictures. After that, he prints real photos in a darkroom (this is not printing on a printer – these are real developed photos!) Further, Alexandr Furdui glues photographs into double-sided sheets and collects a book from them. Finally, the author manually creates a unique, voluminous cover.
You will never find same cover anywhere around the world !

We believe that the Name of the Author Alexandr Furdui will become a World Brand! And the first unique handmade books from Alexandr Furdui will only grow in price with time!


erotic rewards

During this month – 10 Exclusive Art Books can be ordered at same price as we sell on Kickstarter

ONLY $ 500 !

Two Photobooks are already sold!

1st to Malaysia and 2nd to USA

8 Unique Customized Books left


erotic rewards women




All commercial rights remain with the author. Images can only be used for personal purposes. You can post in Internet only finished photo pictures and calendars with the name of the Author.


If you want you can exchange the physical Prizes to additional digital photos and videos.
Delivery will be calculated specially for You and will be additional payment.